For Managing Brokers

Agent Advance provides your agents with immediate access to funds, allowing them to continue building their business and generate income year round. Agent Advance gives managing brokers the ability to offer commission advance solutions with zero liability to your brokerage.

In order for your agents to continue to thrive, they need access to a consistent pipeline of funding. But waiting for that funding can take months — meaning, their businesses can suffer. Agent Advance offers a simple solution designed to keep agents afloat between sale and closing, allowing them to continue to expand.

Agent AdvanceBroker Benefits

Relationships – Agent Advance allows you to remove yourself as the “go-to” financial source for your agents, keeping your relationships streamlined and professional.

Productivity – Without cash flow issues, agents are able to remain productive and continue building their business without worry.

Control – Agent Advance gives you the power of commission advance approval. Plus, all advance fees are applied directly to the agent’s commission after brokerage split.

Tax Deductible – Agent Advance is a tax-deductible business expense for your agents.

Zero Liability – If Agent Advance provides funding for a sale that falls through, the agent is responsible for repaying the advance on future real estate commissions. If the agent retires, resigns, or moves on, Agent Advance is responsible for risk of loss and the transaction is non-recourse.

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